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Lusine Simonyan was born in 1983 in Akner village. She lives with her parents.

After graduating school, she studied hairdressing and cookie decorating. Then she worked at a lavash (Armenian bread) bakery.

She has a second degree disability.

Now she is beneficiary of “Mission Armenia” Alaverdi Day Care Center.

In 2013-2016, Mission Armenia implemented a project funded by the Japan Social Development Fund and the World Bank. Within the framework of the project at the Alaverdi Day Care Center, she participated in table decorating courses. And later she took business courses during the same project, where she presented her business plan, got funding and set up her own lavash and cake factory, providing workplaces for other people as well.

“Alaverdi Day Care Center has played the most important role in my life. It helped me to become self-confident and successful, get new abilities and skills. Before attending the Day Care Center, I couldn’t imagine, that I would have my own business, which could help other people with work as well”.

The factory is closed since 2 years, but there are plans to reopen it.

Attending Day Care Center is still part of her daily life. For 7 months already, Lusine has been sharing her knowledge with other elderly, teaching them cookie decorating skills.

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