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Artsakh Social Assistance Centre

In January 2021, Mission Armenia established the Artsakh Social Assistance Centre located in Stepanakert. The centre provides  social and psychological services, legal support and humanitarian assistance to conflict affected persons of Artsakh addressing their urgent needs, and ensuring gradual adaptation in the post-war reality.  The humanitarian assistance includes provisions for food, household goods, clothing, bed linen, etc. 

What does Mission Armenia In Artsakh do?

In response to the identified needs Mission Armenia is providing food and non-food items listed below.


Hygiene kits

Hygiene kits and kits to prevent the spread of COVID-19



Clothes and shoes (also gift cards for clothing)


Heating & Bedding

Heaters, bed and bedding and other domestic items


Toys & Stationary

Children development toys and stationary items



Shelter through its social housing facilities to displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh in Yerevan and RA regions

Artsakh Social Assistance Centre, Covid 19 support for the People in Artsakh Armenia

Covid-19 Support

To mitigate COVID-19 risks for vulnerable groups, including displaced persons from Nagorno-Karabakh in Armenia, Mission Armenia supported local efforts and public shelter centres by providing protective equipment and installing dispensers for disinfectants, as well as providing awareness raising materials on COVID-19 prevention in the form of leaflets and posters, and through Radio-broadcasting. 

Mothers and Children Support

To support urgent food, security, nutrition, hygiene and health needs for displaced persons and vulnerable host communities and families in Armenia, Mission Armenia hosts counselling sessions for mothers, pregnant women and lactating women (PLW) on breastfeeding and infant and young child feeding practices.

These sessions are conducted on a one on one basis and they provide psychosocial support to PLW and caregivers of children under 2 years of age. 

To address child safeguarding issues and to ensure that vulnerable families with children are able to meet their basic shelter needs, the organisation also provides monetary assistance and implements activities aimed at raising awareness on COVID-19 and child protection among the displaced population and public in general in Yerevan and regional areas based on a comprehensive individual needs assessment and mapping. 

Artsakh Social Assistance Centre, Supporting the Armenian mothers & children of Artsakh
Artsakh Social Assistance Centre, Providing housing for the displaced Armenian's in Artsakh

Provision of Shelter

To ensure access to adequate shelter for vulnerable displaced persons from Nagorno-Karabakh, Mission Armenia is assisting in improving living conditions of collective shelters through;


Shelter quick fix interventions


Provisions of primary rehabilitation and equipment


Improvement of sanitary conditions and distribution of hygiene items in Armenia

Currently the Organisation is implementing Rapid Food Security Assessment among the vulnerable household in RA including those hosting families from Nagorno Karabakh in Yerevan and RA regions. 

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