About Mission Armenia NGO

Who is Mission Armenia NGO?

Mission Armenia (MA) is an Armenia-based NGO operating countrywide and established in 1988 when Armenia faced threatening challenges of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Sumgait massacres, and influx of refugees and a destructive earthquake. 

Mission Armenia started with volunteers providing support to thousands of people affected. Throughout the years, Mission Armenia created and developed a community-based support service provision model.

Since its inception, Mission Armenia has been operating in 22 cities in 8 regions of the Republic of Armenia (RA) providing comprehensive set of community based services to elderly people, persons with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, stateless persons and other vulnerable populations in Armenia.

The core services provided by Mission Armenia include


Community Centres

Operating 20 community centres, providing leisure activities for the elderly and disabled along with  nutrition services.


Home Care Services

Providing accessible and targeted home care services to the vulnerable population in Armenia.


Social Housing and 24-hour Service Centre.

Addressing the existing gap in the social sphere and providing more accessible and targeted services to the vulnerable population in Armenia.


Humanitarian & Refugee Support

Mission Armenia delivers services to 4500 displaced persons, refugees, asylum-seekers, stateless and undocumented persons and those at risk of statelessness.


Child Friendly Spaces

Providing safe environments and access to essential protection services with a specific focus on child protection, mental health, psychosocial support and childcare assistance.

Have any Questions?

To find out more about MA and what we do, or simply just have a question, please contact us today.

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