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When was Mission Armenia established?
Mission Armenia is one of the first not-for-profit organisations to be established in Armenia after the 1988 Spitak Earthquake which occurred in the northern region of Armenia.
What other organisations does Mission Armenia collaborate with?

Mission Armenia works successfully with state, non-state, local self-governmental bodies, local, international organisations, such as:

  • Migration Service
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Education
  • Science, Culture and Sport
  • Ministry of Health
  • Human Rights Defender Office
  • Public Defender Office
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • European Union
  • Action Against Hunger
  • People In Need
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • World Food Programme (WFP)
  • World Bank
  • Eurasia Partnership Foundation
  • KASA Foundation
  • Armenian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • Armenian Caritas
  • World Vision Armenia
  • Armenian Red Cross Society
  • Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) and its Children’s Support Centre
  • UMCOR Armenia Foundation
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Aleppo CCO
  • Women’s Support Centre
  • Centre for Coordination of Syrian-Armenians’ Issues NGO
  • Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • and many other stakeholders. 

Mission Armenia is a member of local, regional, and international networks, such as: HelpAge International; Global Alliance for the rights of Older People; AgeNet International.

What programmes does Mission Armenia spend their funds on?
How are the general funds prioritised for each initiative?
  • Priority is given to elderly, people with disabilities, refugees and asylum seekers, persons in refugee-like situation and other displaced populations, as well as stateless persons and people at the risk of statelessness, etc. 

Note: The definition of Refugees and Asylum Seekers is as per UNHCR charter and is not open to individual interpretation 

How is the project funding prioritised for each initiative/project?

Donors can determine what initiative or project identified by Mission Armenia their sponsorship funds are to be allocated.

Where does Mission Armenia obtain their primary source of income from?
  • Mission Armenia has been successful in obtaining grants on an annual basis from the Government of Armenia due to their long-standing track record.
  • Mission Armenia also receives funds from international donors (UNHCR, EU, PIN, Save the Children, AAH, etc.) across the globe that support specific projects initiated by them and implemented by Mission Armenian in Armenia. 
  • Private Donor sponsorship.
How are the funds managed in Armenia and by whom specifically?
  • Mission Armenia has a Department of Finance and a Department of Accounting, which are responsible for maintaining the Organisation’s Financial Management System.
  • Mission Armenia conducts financial management in accordance with Manual of Accounting and Financial Policies (MAFP) and Procedures, based on the RA law on “Accounting” and as per International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • The verification of financial reports and documents is done by the President of Mission Armenia.
Are the funds audited on an annual basis?
  • The Government of Armenian requires an independent financial audit to be undertaken by all charities within the country on an annual basis.
  • The projects implemented by Mission Armenia undergo independent auditing on a yearly basis by local and international auditing companies (e.g. PKF Audit Service LLC, BDO Jordan, NDO LLB, Audit Service LLC) as per the requirement of each donor. Both financial and service quality audits are undertaken.
Does the charity generate an annual report displaying income vs expenditure?

Yes, this can be viewed on the Mission Armenia annual audit. 

Does Mission Armenia have permanent staff or volunteers?
  • Mission Armenia has a workforce of +330 permanent staff working throughout the various provinces of Armenia and districts of Yerevan. Out of 330 permanent staff members 86 are based in Mission Armenia Head office in Yerevan.
  • The staff are responsible for managing and executing the various initiatives within their respective province.
Do staff or volunteers get paid from the donated funds?
  • Staff members are paid according to the type of initiative being executed within the funded projects.
  • Private Donor sponsorship funds are also used to pay staff, like Australian charities.
Does Mission Armenia provide full disclosure of how Private Donor sponsorship funds are spent?

Yes, generated during Mission Armenia annual audit.  

How does Mission Armenia keep donors notified of progress?

Based on projects’ working plans, Mission Armenia provides monthly, quarter or final narrative and financial reports on projects’ progress, as well as donors can follow progress on the Mission Armenia website or via social media channels.

Is Mission Armenia affiliated with a church or political party?

Mission Armenia is not affiliated with a church or political party.

Have any Questions?

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