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Andre Marootians

Mission Armenia Director

Andre Marootians was born in Tehran, Iran in 1947.  He and his family migrated to Australia in 1979.

Andre had a very successful career in IT in Australia, and started his own IT business in 1999 of which he is still maintains ownership.

His first contact with Mission Armenia was in 2005 where he met the founding CEO of Mission Armenia, and established his desire and willingness to support the work of MA in Armenia.

He continued his support as financial donor and then in 2009 the opportunity rose to join MA Australia Ltd as a director, the position that he holds until today.

He has visited Armenia 4 times since 2005 and while in Yerevan, has worked closely with MA leadership and staff and has gained deep understanding and appreciation of their quality and dedicated work to the Armenian society in Armenia.

Current position

  • Director of Mission Armenia Australia Ltd
  • Director of Alexander Aged care Centre
  • Director of IMI-solutions (own IT business)

Mission Armenia Ltd organisation


Andre Marootians
member since 2009 Director

Managing Director

Andre Marootians – Responsible for:

  • Management of mission Armenia Ltd activities within Australia.
  • Ensuring compliance and annual reporting to ACNC  

Operation Committee

Overseeing website development, social media campaigns & ongoing operational & strategic support to Mission Armenia:

    • Maral  Movsessian
    • Alina Tadevosyan
    • Martik Berberian
    • Harbik Davidyan

Advisor/Mentor team

    • Two members, providing guidance and direction to ensure Mission Armenia Ltd also serves the Australian Armenian community.


    • Ararat, providing opportunities to promote the work of Mission Armenian NGO within Australian Armenia community.

** All Volunteers, no paid worker **

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