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Armenia is a host for humanitarian & refugee particularly  Syrian refuges, mostly Syrian Armenian refugees as well as refugees and asylum-seekers from other countries. 

Currently, Mission Armenia delivers services to 4500 displaced persons, humanitarian & refugee, asylum-seekers, stateless and undocumented persons and those at risk of statelessness.

Mission Armenia deals with refugee’s unmet social and legal issues, particular focus on health and housing concerns of most vulnerable beneficiaries. 

Refugee support and humanitarian aid by Mission Armenia Australia NGO

During the pandemic

March 2020

Launched Hotline

In March 2020, Mission Armenia launched a hotline for its beneficiary groups to obtain information on COVID-19, emergency restrictions, state assistance programs and apply for relevant assistance. 

2020 - Current

During COVID-19

In the frames of COVID-19 related situation, Mission Armenia has been providing all the described services ensuring the necessary safety rules and working in coordination with the state agencies and local authorities. Given its mission and taking into account the greater vulnerability of its beneficiary groups due to COVID-19 related situation, Mission Armenia, with the support of the RA Government, international and local organisations, as well as individual and volunteer initiative groups, is providing food and hygiene packages (disinfectants and protective items) to its beneficiary groups in Yerevan and RA regions. 

Special houses for Refugee families

With the UNHCR funding, Mission Armenia has renovated and furnished four of their infrastructures in three administrative districts of Yerevan and one in Armavir region to ensure temporary dwelling for refugees and asylum-seekers who have found themselves in extremely difficult situation in the host country Armenia. 

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