Social Housing


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Mission Armenia provides social housing for the displaced & elderly residence to ensure they are provided with a secure and safe place to live. 

24 hour soup kitchen & Social Housing

The Locations

"Artsvabuyn" 24-hour service provision centre

is located in Artsvanik village, Syunik region. The centre provides accommodation and a variety of 24-hour services to those elderlies and persons with disabilities, who have partially or completely lost their self-care ability and are in need of daily care. 

Currently, the centre has the capacity to serve up to 45 elderlies and persons with disabilities. 

“Nreni” Multifunctional Social Services Centre

has been functioning since 2007 and for the first time in the Republic of Armenia has introduced an entirely new social services provision model of SH with supportive environment. 

It has particular importance as it is designed only for one social group, the local and refugee elderlies without shelter. 

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