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Hagop's Birthday Wish

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Heartfelt birthday wish

As my birthday approaches, I’m embracing a significant milestone – reaching the half-century mark. I’d like to invite those of you in Australia to join me in a celebration that extends beyond personal milestones.

This year, I’m dedicating my birthday to supporting those in need in Armenia, particularly our brothers and sisters from Artsakh. I ask for your generous contributions to Mission Armenia LTD, an organization dedicated to aiding our homeland.

Established in Australia since 2001, Mission Armenia is the only Australian Armenian Charity with “DGR” status, allowing tax deductions for donations over $2. With dedicated staff and volunteers on the ground in Armenia, they’re making a tangible difference.

To learn more and contribute, visit

Let’s unite in this cause and aim to raise $5,000 for Mission Armenia – $1,000 for each decade of my life. Your support will make a significant impact, especially during the approaching festive season.

Thank you for joining me in this meaningful celebration!

– Hagop Benlian

Hagop Benlian's birthday wish

Supporters Who Made a Difference

Nicholas Nuwamanya

Lilit Vahanyan

Andre Marootians

Andre Marootians

Adrine Benlian

Fredrick Gorginian

Nicole Blatchford

George Benlian


Hagop Benlian

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