Supporting 200 families in Artsakh

Project MA01

Project MA01 ensuring adequate living conditions for conflict-affected, displaced and vulnerable families in Artsakh.

Context Analysis

As a result of the escalation of the Artsakh conflict and large-scale military operations outbreak on 27th of September 2020, a large number of Artsakh civilians spontaneously fled their homes and arrived in Armenia. As a result, according to the several official data sources more than 80,000 civilians (mostly women and children) have been evacuated from their homes and accommodated. Heavy clashes reported along the line of contact in the territory of Artsakh, caused civilian casualties and severely damaged many infrastructures in the territory, such as houses, churches, hospitals, schools, roads and communication networks. And though after the ceasefire on 10th November, 2020 many displaced families went back to Artsakh, they had to be relocated to different regions of Artsakh, as their houses were destroyed or are on territories currently under the control of Azerbaijan, thus becoming internally displaced.

Conflict-affected and displaced persons/families in Artsakh are, to a large extent, dependent on assistance provided by humanitarian charities, such as Mission Armenia, and have very limited possibilities to sustain themselves against sustainable livelihood opportunities. 

To properly provide humanitarian response to the most vulnerable families identified during the needs assessment conducted by Mission Armenia, the project MA01 intends to ensure access to core relief items for vulnerable conflict-affected displaced families of Artsakh. 

Impact level

Overall Objective

Project MA01  is to ensure adequate living conditions and provision of basic household items for vulnerable conflict-affected and displaced families of NK based on the individual needs assessment.

Outcome 1

Provide housing options to ensure the safety and security of the displaced families.

Outcome 2

To provide families with adequate nutritional meals through provisions of food assistance.

People we plan to reach

help 200 Families in Martuni Region

The project will aim to reach conflict-affected and displaced 200 families (600 persons) residing in Artsakh.


The project offers a scope of activities that are to address the needs which have been prioritised based on needs assessment results and the direct involvement of Mission Armenia in community support activities in Artsakh. 

Each family will be supported to purchase household goods, in particular bedding and refrigerators. 600 bedding packages consisting of linen, blankets, mattresses, pillows, and bedcovers, will be purchased with the amount of $89.00 AUD for each package. 200 refrigerators will be purchased with the amount of $375 AUD for each unit.

The 200 families will also be provided with food support. It is estimated that to support each family with food packages, the cost is equivalent to  $55.00 AUD per package.

Direct assistance to beneficiaries will be provided locally, through the Mission Armenia Social Assistance and Day Care Centres located in Artsakh.

Mission Armenia will offer prioritised, differentiated and beneficiary-centered assistance to the vulnerable in the most effective manner, thereby purposefully and efficiently using the available resources on hand.

It should be noted that all the above actions will be carried out in strict compliance with all COVID-19 safety measures.

Project Budget estimates

Partner Name: Mission Armenia NGO
Partner Agreement #: 14010

Budget Chart Project MA01
Food Chart Project MA01

Cost Index - Food

The consistence of one food package with relevant prices are as follows

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